Which Accessories Should Not Be Missing In Your Sauna?






Sauna has a positive effect on both human health and psyche. Make your sauna sessions more pleasant with special sauna accessories that will increase your comfort and allow you to enjoy your sauna sessions to the maximum. Which hacks should not escape your attention?


Right temperature is the key


Thermometers and hygrometers, buckets with ladles, and hourglasses are the essentials of every sauna. Thermometers and hygrometers measure the temperature in your sauna reliably – a lower temperature and a higher relative humidity are recommended for sauna sessions. This can be done by pouring water on the sauna stones. To do so, an aluminium, biocomposite, steel or wooden bucket and ladle by Harvia will come in handy. Although the temperature feels higher thanks to a steam gust created by pouring water onto hot stones, the humidity increases, too, preventing you from inhaling dry, hot air.


Sauna sessions at high temperatures should be shorter. If the temperature in your sauna exceeds 80 ºC, do not pour water on the stones – you could get burnt. A hygrometer will help you find the right frequency of pouring water on the sauna rocks.


Forget about time when taking a sauna, but…


Although taking a sauna is healthy and beneficial for the body and mind, several rules must be followed, including dividing the time spent in the sauna into several 15-minute cycles. You can measure time with an hourglass. It is usually made of wood or glass and designed especially for interior saunas. They can withstand high temperatures, but make sure they do not freeze.


Enjoy the well-deserved comfort


A headrest will increase your comfort when lying, and so will special sauna textiles that can endure high temperatures and absorb well but dry quickly. There are many types of sauna textilies: seat cushions, kilts or bath linen and towels efficiently prevent sweat from soaking into the benches, and a bathrobe will protect you against catching a cold.


Great hacks are sauna gloves, as well as felt, wool or linen hats for sauna, which protect your head and sensitive hair against the intensive heat. The temperatures in the upper part of the sauna are higher, heating up your head faster than the other parts of your body. Since a head is more sensitive to heat at the same time, it is good to protect it against extreme conditions.


You can also try aromatherapy. Put aromatic essence into an evaporator or diffusor. Not only does it smell beautiful, but it also has positive effects on your health. Our offer includes quality aromatic essences especially designed for saunas from Finnish and German suppliers. However, always remember that most aromatic essences are concentrates; never pour undiluted essences on the sauna stove. In Finnish saunas, a few drops are usually poured into the evaporating dish or a bucket with water, which is then used for pouring the stones.

Take care of your body and mind

Other great accessories include Himalayan sauna salt, with natural minerals and no chemical admixtures. You can spread the salt directly over your skin as a body scrub or inhale it using a salt vapour generator so that it passes through your respiratory system better and reaches the alveoli.


You can make your relaxation perfect with skin care. Sauna makes your skin more pliant and accessible for nourishing cosmetic products. Try applying honey directly in the sauna, or peeling salt, which will remove dead skin cells and soften your skin. After a sauna session, do not forget to use a special shower gel, shampoo, and face and body lotion.


You can also massage your relaxed muscles with warm massage stones, massage oils or special gloves. Gentle whipping with a sauna whisk to improve blood circulation is also popular with the Finns. Dopped in water, the whisks can be used repreatedly.

Music creates the perfect atmosphere


The only thing missing for perfect relaxation is music. You can buy a special sound system for saunas with heavy-duty speakers that are waterproof and can withstand temperatures up to 80 °C. To hear the music better, try installing the speakers under the lower benches or the side walls of your sauna. You can control the player using a cable control directly from your sauna or via Bluetooth from your phone. Some systems even allow controlling music and illumination at the same time, enabling you to create the perfect atmosphere with a single click.

Do not forget wooden accessories


We must not forget wooden accessories for saunas, such as stools, floor mats and gratings, rests, shades, hangers or various types of signs and special holders.


Do you need help with choosing sauna accessories or contemplate getting yourself a customised Finnish sauna? Please contact us or visit one of our showrooms in Brno, Prague, and České Budějovice. We will be happy to help you.

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