What You Should Know About A Sauna

How to take a sauna like a pro?

1. Preparation

Take off your clothes and have a shower, using soap. Washing your hair before a sauna session is also recommended. You can dry yourself afterwards, but it is ásledně je tělo možné osušit, není to ovšem podmínkou.


2. A sauna session

Sit or lay on a bench that suits you best. The optimum temperature is individual.
Remember that, a sauna session must be a pleasant experience at any moment! When sweating, you can also massage your body, which improves blood circulation. Spray the stove with water with essences. Set the length of a sauna session based on your feelings. Above all, you must feel comfortable in a sauna.


3. A cool-down phase

You can choose from three options: a shower, a pool or tub with water, or going outdoors. After drying yourself, you can do several relaxing stretching moves. Take a rest and drink as you need (alcohol is not recommended). Then go into the sauna again.


Second and third sauna cycle

Try to repeat the sauna session as many times as is comfortable for you to achieve the right purpose.


4. Relax

After the third sauna session, shower your body thoroughly, wash your hair (you can use a hair conditioner) and dry yourself. And try smelling your skin – you'll be surprised by its beautiful scent. Go relaxing in the relax room or on a comfortable lounger. Cover your body with a sheet and relax for about 30 to 60 minutes.


5. Skincare and relaxing

Treat your skin with cream or oil. Enjoy a peaceful stroll in the fresh air and then relax.

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