What Is A Sauna?





„ Sauna is originally a Finnish word denoting a small building or room, which, upon heating up, is used as a warm-up room during a sauna cycle. The interior of a sauna is well insulated from the surroundings and moulded with wood, which positively affects the human psyche. A primitive sauna can work without a heater. Again, the basis is a well-insulated building but heated by stones heated up outside in open fire. This is probably the original method of heating a sauna.“

(Source: Wikipedia)

Sauna has always been associated with rest, relaxation and health, which is incredibly valuable these days. Maybe you also like the idea of sweating in your own sauna.


Before planning your own sauna, we highly recommend watching a successful TV documentary on Finnish saunas broadcast by ČT (Czech Television). The documentary clearly shows that no other sauna heaters but HARVIA belong to a Finnish sauna.

A TV documentary on Finnish saunas

How does a sauna work

The cold air above the floor pushes hot air up towards the ceiling. A human can withstand the air temperatures in the sauna for a longer time (5 – 10 minutes or even more). The extremely dry air in the sauna prevents a human body from boiling even at temperatures about 100°C. Sweat can quickly evaporate, thereby cooling the skin to approximately 41°C.


This process primarily affects (calms down) the heart's activity, relieves pain in joints, sore muscles and gastrointestinal cramps. It also affects the function of brain vessel walls, which frequently relieves migraine headaches. That is also why people sleep well after a sauna. A stay in a sweating room increases the oxygenation of the body and promotes the production of antibodies.


There are three types of private sauna: a sauna cabin, an outdoor sauna cabin, and a custom built sauna.



Sauna cabins are relatively affordable saunas with full wooden vertical moulding (such as spruce imported from Nordic countries) with a height of 2.10m. The width and depth of a sauna depend on the space available at the site. A sauna cabin is suitable for both houses and smaller flats. As a standard, a wooden sauna structure comes with thermal insulation and vapour barrier, a lamp with a shade, a door, benches with backrests, a floor grid, and guards for heater and lights.



Outdoor sauna cabins

An outdoor sauna cabin looks like a small log cabin or a garden shed. The outside of the outdoor cabin is made of spruce beams. Outdoor sauna cabins come with a wooden floor inside, a roof made of spruce, a deck, and the same accessories as indoor sauna cabins.



Custom built saunas

Custom built saunas (similarly to customised wardrobes) are suitable for smaller flats with atypical niches or a small empty corner in your house. The height, width, and depth are tailored to your needs, as well as the number, size, and layout of benches and the type of interior. Accessories are the same as for indoor sauna cabins. Please fill out the enquiry form to find out more about custom built sauna prices.



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