We Support Things That Make Sense To Us

The environment

Waste sorting is a matter of course in our company. We always try to find a way to reuse packaging several times. For example, we make sure to recycle bubble wrap or cardboard, which some might view as disposables. This way we can reduce our waste to a minimum.


We care about the condition in which we pass the Earth onto the next generations.

A book "Pohádky z muzea"

We have financially supported the publishing of the book "Pohádky z muzea" by the late Jiřina Telcová (1929 - 2020).

Doctor Telcová was the founder and long-time head of the Department of Theatre History of the Moravian Museum in Brno.
Thanks to her, a unique collection of stage and costume sketches from productions of the Brno Theatre has been gathered.

Her book tells a story of museum goblins, and its style will delight adult readers, too.


We are glad we could contribute to the publishing of a book that preserves fragments of history while giving us insights into the museum environment and encouraging children's imagination.

Saunafest - The biggest sauna festival in Europe

We are a regular partner of the event, which offers the best of the experiential sauna world, sauna rituals, and sauna theatre.

The main programme of the SaunaFest is the official Czech Championship in Sauna Rituals – Sauna Theatre. Not only did this year see the biggest number of participating sauna masters in history, but also the visitor attendance was the highest so far.


We are very glad that we could support this unique event that raises awareness of saunas among the Czech public. We also congratulate all the winners. We are looking forward to the next year.