Trade Fairs And Exhibitions

Here you will find photographs and coverages from the trade fairs and exhibitions we attended.

ForArch 2022 International Building Trade Fair

Like every year, we were present at the ForArch International Building Trade Fair, which took place in Prague on the 20th - 24th of July 2022.
At our stand, you could see many novelties from Harvia and Sentiotec.

You also had a chance to compete for a heater of the VEGA series and sauna clothes.


Visitors could see an interesting steam cubicle concept - the HARVIA Nova steam shower cubicle.

This freestanding cubicle made of a unique combination of wood, metal and glass features a minimalistic design.
It will lend your bathroom a modern look with a touch of luxury.

Moreover, it comes with integrated support for aromatherapy, colour therapy, and water filter foe a clean steam experience.
It can also be delivered as a shower cubicle with Nova steam.

The HARVIA Spirit heater stole the show among the electric sauna heaters.


Created in Finland, its unusual, curvy design ensures even temperature in the sauna.
The stove is compatible with most control units.


We recommend combining it with the Xenio Wifi and MyHarvia app, which offers the most comfortable experience.



HARVIA Legend Home heater in black finish is also worth noticing. With its tall column-like shape, it can be installed even in smaller saunas.


The SENTIOTEC Qube (E) heater will catch your eye with its straight lines and numerous versions, with its power output ranging from 9kW to 24kW.


Another premier presented at the fair trade was the HARVIA stone wall, which is easy to install and upgrades the look of your sauna in the blink of an eye. This prefabricated part is only 18 mm thick and can be mounted on the moulding easily. It is available with optional LED illumination. You just have to be careful to observe the safety distance from the heater.

The wood-burning stove series were represented by the HARVIA Linear Greenflame heater. Its improved technology enables more efficient burning, thereby minimising environmental impacts. Compared to the previous one, this version comes with a larger fire chamber and a larger glazed window, which creates a nice atmosphere.


Besides the mentioned premiers, we also presented other technologies at our stand, such as HARVIA HELIX and HARVIA HGD steam generators, NEXTREMA DARK infrared heaters, and sauna accessories, such as the MAX2 cooling tub or the FIN-FEEL rinsing bucket.


We would like to thank all visitors for coming. We are looking forward to the next event.

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Award for the most attractive stall in the category up to 60m2

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