Studio Verbena is a wellness studio in the centre of Moravské Budějovice. Finská sauna was a contractor for the complete implementation of steam and materials and technologies for the construction of the sauna.


The steam has a floor plan of 2x2.1 m and is operated by a Harvia HGX60 generator. For commercial steam saunas, a connection to a water treatment plant (in this case Soft & Clean CS10) is almost a necessity, but we also recommend it in private, less frequented operations, in order to avoid future problems caused by hard water. 


The steam entrance was fitted with a steam door A820RBR - transparent safety tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm in an aluminium frame measuring 790x1,990mm. The sauna is fitted with an unusual combination of Harvia Club K11G electric heater and Harvia 16 wood-burning heater.


The FIN-FEEL stainless steel rinsing bucket made of alder with a self-draining mechanism can be used if you need rapid cooling.