We created this generously designed steam sauna as an integral part of the entire bathroom for our customer in Šebrov.

The sauna is designed as a steam cabin combined with the Amazon tropical rain ensured by a large console with nozzles built into the cabin ceiling. 


The panel of the complex control of the tropical shower has concealed installation. The steam seats are ergonomic and heated by a heating mat as well as the floor of the entire cabin. The control of the steam cabin, its lighting, temperature and aroma dosing, and the steam generator are located under a hidden wall panel.


The cabin space is framed at the top by a pink LED backlight. A twinkle star ceiling lighting by Cariitti is installed in the rest of the bathroom's ceiling. The most prominent stars of various constellations are created with illuminated Swarovski crystals.  

A wall-mounted toilet and chrome-plated glass elements together with a large black glass panel emphasize the airiness of the entire space.