SENTIOTEC VitaMY Infrared Saunas

VitaMY 164 Basic infrared sauna with the dimensions of 164x120x202 cm (WxDxH) is equipped with a control unit and dimmable LED lighting. 

SENTIOTEC Venus Vital Infrared Saunas

Venus Vital infrared sauna for max. 2 persons, with the dimensions of 1,286x907x1,900 mm is made of Hemlock wood - nice grain light-coloured wood similar to pine.

HARVIA Radiant Infrared Saunas

Radiant standard infrared saunas for one or two persons can be installed in any dry surrounding (such as a bedroom).

SENTIOTEC Phönix Infrared Saunas

The interior of the Phönix infrared sauna, including the benches, is made of Canadian cedar wood, one of the most exotic and expensive woods with a fantastic scent.

SENTIOTEC MiniMy 120 Basic Infrared Sauna

MiniMy Basic is a 1-person infrared sauna with the dimensions of 1,250x1,030x2,020mm made of solid spruce wood.

SENTIOTEC Arktis Infra+ Combined Sauna

Arktis Infra+ is a wooden Finnish sauna with the dimensions of 2,340x2,060x2,040 mm. The sauna walls and the skirted roof are made of solid spruce. The interior is made of lime wood, which lends it a very elegant look.

Dříve nabízené sauny, které se již nevyrábí

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