Typizované - Finské sauny

SENTIOTEC Panorama Finnish Sauna

The sauna is made of solid spruce. The all-glass door made of 8-mm transparent high-quality safety ESG glass gives the sauna an impression of airiness.

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Harvia Olympus Finnish Saunas

A designer sauna with the dimensions of 204 x 212 x 206 cm and stylish outer surface made of solid spruce wood with an all-glass front wall. 

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SENTIOTEC Polaris Large Finnish Saunas

Polaris Large Finnish sauna with the dimensions of 234 x 206 x 204 cm combines simple details with elaborated elements made of quality lime wood.

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HARVIA Solide Finnish Saunas

Solide is a luxurious Finnish sauna suitable for the most demanding clients. It is characterised by a large glass wall and a dark frame.

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SENTIOTEC Komfort Finnish Saunas

Komfort Small is a Finnish sauna with the dimensions of 208 x 158 x 204 cm. It meets all requirements thanks to sophisticated inner arrangement.

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SENTIOTEC Basic Finnish Saunas

Medium Finnish sauna with the dimensions of 204x195x156 cm, 40mm mm thick walls, made of spruce. Large Finnish sauna with the dimensions of 204x195x187cm, 40mm thick walls, made of spruce.

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SENTIOTEC Alaska Finnish Sauna

An elegant corner Finnish sauna with the dimensions of 2,060x2,060x2,040mm. The outside, including the visible upper skirting, is made of solid spruce. 

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HARVIA Variant Finnish Saunas

HARVIA Variant saunas represent the modern Finnish saunas in all their glory. The ergonomic design of benches and the sauna interior fully respect the Finnish tradition. 

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SENTIOTEC Wellfun Finnish Saunas

Wellfun standard Finnish saunas by SENTIOTEC are manufactured in 3 variants: MINI, LARGE, and CORNER.

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HARVIA Capella Bathroom Saunas

You can install a bathroom sauna almost anywhere. It is suitable not only for bathrooms but also for hotels and studios.

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HARVIA Sirius Bathroom Saunas

Ideal solution for small spaces. Bathroom saunas are specially designed for humid spaces with significantly fluctuating temperatures.

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