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Wellfun standard Finnish saunas by SENTIOTEC are manufactured in 3 variants: MINI, LARGE, and CORNER.


The sauna cabin is made of solid spruce; the interior is made of lime wood. The saunas come with three 62-cm wide benches, a headrest, backrests, an intermediate bench panel, a ventilation slit, a heater protection grille, a lamp with protection (without a bulb), and 3 silicone cables 5 x 15 mm² for sauna heater. A door can be on both the right and left side of the sauna.


Wellfun saunas shall be fitted with sauna heaters with a power of 3.6kW - 8kW.


Wellfun Mini: 1,450 x 1,450 x 2,040 mm
Wellfun Large: 2,064 x 2,052 x 2,040 mm
Wellfun Corner: 2,052 x 2,052 x 2,040 mm


  • Sauns structure
  • Bench and headrest
  • Backrests
  • Intermediate bench panel
  • Ventilation slit
  • Heater protection grille
  • Lamp with protection (without bulb)
  • 3 silicon cables 5 x 15 mm² for sauna heater


solid spruce

lime wood

Sauna heaters:
Wellfun Mini - Recommended heater output: 3.6 kW
Wellfun Large - Recommended heater output: 8 kW
Wellfun Corner - Recommended heater output:  8 kW