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The interior of the Phönix infrared sauna, including the benches, is made of Canadian cedar wood, one of the most exotic and expensive woods with a fantastic scent. 


The sauna is always equipped with fast infrared panels, their number depending on the size of the sauna. It comes with a control unit that can be placed inside the sauna, coloured lighting for the right relaxing mood, and a radio and MP3 player with a USB connection and SD card slot. It has everything for perfect relaxation. Last but not least, you will not have any problems with the connection - the sauna is connected with a standard plug to a 230V socket.

We offer 3 types of Sentiotec Phönix infrared saunas:

Phönix Small infrared sauna
Dimensions: 1,000x1,020x2,000 mm,

Total output of the heaters: 1,500W

Phönix Medium infrared sauna
Dimensions: 1,000x1,300x2,000 mm.

Total output of the heaters: 1,900W

Phönix Large infrared sauna
Dimensions: 1,000x1,450x2,000 mm.

Total output of the heaters: 2,200W