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MiniMy Basic is a 1-person infrared sauna with the dimensions of 1,250x1,030x2,020mm made of solid spruce wood.


It is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for the perfect relaxation of one person: two full-spectrum heaters, an additional infrared heat plate for calves, Wave.com4 infra control unit, dimmable LED lighting, and a soapstone bowl for sauna fragrances. 





Dimensions:  1,250x1,030x2,020mm

Material: spruce, lime wood


  • IR control unit (wave.com4 Infra)
    with 2 dimmable heating circuits + a connection for a common IR plate
  • Dimmable LED lighting (warm white) 
  • 1x 100 W infrared heat plate for calves
  • 1x 350 W ECO full-spectrum radiators (back)
  • 1x 500 W ECO full-spectrum radiators (front)
  • 1x vent (round) – a fan available as an option
  • 1x soapstone bowl for sauna fragrances
  • Infrared radiation with glass: A 24%, B 55%, C 21%
  • Single pane safety glass elements
  • 1x glass door including wooden handle 590 x 1,915 x 8 mm