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Arktis Infra+ is a wooden Finnish sauna with the dimensions of 2,340x2,060x2,040 mm. The sauna walls and the skirted roof are made of solid spruce. The interior is made of limewood, which lends it a very elegant look. Limewood is very resilient to shape deformations and cracking.

The front side, including a door with the dimensions of 590x1,915x8 mm, can be made in the left or right version.


The supply includes two quality infrared heaters with an output of 500W with full-spectrum radiation protected with a safety grille. It is controlled by a supplied Vario Tronic control unit. The feel of airiness and space is ensured by two glazed parts of the sauna made of 8-mm transparent safety ESG glass. The sauna door with the dimensions of 590x1,915x8 mm can come as both left-handed and right-handed. The 620-mm long benches ensure maximum comfort. 

The sauna comes with a wooden heater guard that prevents burns, a corner lamp that provides a pleasant soft illumination, ventilation, floor grid, and headrests. Backrests are also included as a matter of course - they enable comfortable positions both sitting and lying.

The sauna does not come with a sauna heater. We recommend a heater with an output of 9 kW - we will happily assist you with choosing a heater from our broad offer.



Dimensions:  2,340x2,060x2,040 mm

Material: spruce, lime wood

Control: Vario Tronic

Infrared heaters: 2 x 500W full-spectrum heater

Recommended heater output: 9 kW