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Basic types of lighting:

Standard sauna lighting

A basic sauna lighting made of safety glass, with a standard halogen lamp. We recommend completing it with a shade to make the light dimmer. We supply wooden shades for corners or metal shades intended for straight walls. This type of lighting is often used as an additional light or for cleaning.

LED lighting underneath the benches

LED strips are an effective solution for even soft illumination of benches and the lower part of the sauna. Whether you choose a decent and elegant white light or a colorful sauna "disco", the LED strip is suitable up to a maximum height of 1.4 m above the ground, so that the LEDs do not degrade over time.

Optical fibre lighting

A king among sauna lighting and the most resilient sauna light. A special projector transmits to the glass optical fibres, the terminals of which emit light. We can install them anywhere in the sauna: into the rests, ceiling, or even terminals such as a backlit bucket or thermometer. The light can be warm white, changing colours, or with realistic effects such as flaming fire or the Northern Lights.


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