There are two basic types of heaters:

Electric heaters are easy to control, particularly with external regulation. They allow having control over the exact temperature, time of switching on or off, or lighting. They can also come with remote control. But they always require a sufficient power supply and a separate circuit breaker.


Wood-burning heaters are more efficient and heat up a sauna faster to a higher temperature,  which is especially convenient with outdoor saunas. They give a more intense feeling of heat, plus a beautiful atmosphere with the light from the stove flickering on the sauna walls as a bonus. You have smaller control over the temperature, and always need to have fuelwood ready. They require a bigger safety clearance from the walls and benches. 


We supply electric heaters by

Electric heaters are supplied in the following versions:

Electric heaters with regulation on the case

The easiest way to a heated sauna. The temperature is controlled using a mechanical thermostat and timer on the heater. On the other hand, this inner thermostat cannot heat up a sauna as quickly and intensively as heaters with external regulation. Still, you can increase the felt temperature by splashing the heater with water.

Electric heaters with external regulation

There are no controls on the heater. It is controlled by external regulation with a sensor, allowing to heat the sauna faster to a temperature of about 100°C. The external regulation can also control lighting or ventilation and provide precise regulation of the temperature and timer. Some controls supplied by us even allow remote control via WiFi.

Electric heaters with evaporators

You can drizzle water over any heater supplied by us and thereby increase the humidity in the sauna. But the steam shock ensures extreme conditions only temporarily. Heaters with evaporators don't require splashing - simply set the required humidity on the external regulation, and the conditions in the sauna will remain stable. It is ideal for BIO, tropical, and aroma saunas!


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Wood-burning heaters divide into:

Wood-burning heaters with loading inside the sauna
Making and feeding the fire directly inside the sauna, you can enjoy the light of flames flickering on the sauna walls together with the intensive sauna heat and wood-scent - the essence of Finnish sauna! On the other hand, you must carry every single log to the sauna and sometimes clean the ashpan.

Wood-burning heaters with loading outside the sauna

It is scorching in the sauna, but you feed the fire from outside - a big advantage if you have a sauna frequently. You won't see the flames from the sauna, but the interior will be cleaner. If you feed the fire from the relax room, it will also heat up. The best solution for this situation is the DUO combination - a stove inside the sauna and a fireplace in the relax room. But please note the safety limitations - the part where the stove passes through the wall may not be made of wood.

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