We can supply your sauna with a great variety of accessories according to your needs.

Thermometers, hygrometers, buckets with ladles, and hourglasses - these are the essentials of sauna accessories.

Headrests and sauna textiles offer the greatest comfort. Indulge your body with skincare products and massaging tools, such as traditional sauna whisks and brushes.

Enhance your sauna experience with aromatherapy - complete your sauna with a vaporizer, or use aromas to pour them over the sauna stones.


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Thermometers & hygrometers

For a perfect sauna experience, it is recommended to maintain a lower temperature and higher relative humidity. You can achieve it by splashing water on the sauna rocks – the air feels much hotter thanks to water vapour, but you are not inhaling dry, hot air. 

A thermometer is vital for checking the sauna temperature. If the temperature is high, it is essential to shorthen the time spent in sauna and not to pour water on the sauna rocks to avoid the risk of burns. Drizzling water over the rocks is recommended with temperatures up to 80 ºC. A hygrometer will help you set the frequency of pouring.


An hourglass will measure the time you spent in the sauna. Hourglasses for saunas are usually made of wood and glass and measure 15 minutes – the most popular length of a sauna session. Intended for indoor saunas, they can withstand high temperatures but not freezing.

Although we recommend forgetting the actual time when having a sauna to enhance your relaxation, you can still get yourself a dial clock. Our offer includes both models for use in and outside a sauna.

Fragrance bowls & evaporators

Not only do water and aroma evaporators help you relax in the sauna, but aromatic essences are also beneficial for your health.

Place evaporators among the sauna stones and fill them with water and aroma. Heated by the stove, the evaporator will humidify your sauna and fill it with a beautiful scent. 

Alternatively, you can hang a fragrance bowl above the heater. Bowls evaporate water with aroma slowlier, but they have bigger capacity.

A battery-operated diffusor is the best option for saunas with lower temperatures or infrared saunas. 


Wooden accessories

A wooden sauna requires wooden accessories. Unlike metal, wood does not heat up and looks stylish. The necessary accessories include a ventilation grille, drawer or ventilation disc. They allow air circulation in the sauna, which heats up faster, and stale air is discharged more efficiently.

Covering sauna lamps, sauna lamp shades diffuse light and soften the atmosphere in your sauna.

When lying, you will appreciate a headrest - it prevents excessive strain on the cervical spine. 

You can relax on a wooden lounger between or after sauna sessions.

Buckets & ladles

A bucket and a ladle, used to splash water on the sauna stones, are a must-have for a Finnish sauna. 

Thanks to plastic inserts, wooden buckets do not crack and are easy to clean. Our offer also includes aluminium and stainless-steel bucket and ladle sets. Or add an extra touch to your sauna with the unique design of the LEGEND black steel bucket and ladle set.

A backlit bucket is a stylish accessory, which you can install onto or into the bench. It is easily removed and refilled. 

Sound systems

Music will turn your sauna into a  calming and peaceful oasis. With a sauna music player with heavy-duty speakers, you can listen to any music source of your choice in your sauna. Moreover, you can fully control the system from your sauna using cable control or via Bluetooth from your phone.

Sauna speakers are waterproof and can withstand temperatures up to 80 °C. Place them under the lower benches or on the side walls. 

Some of our systems allow you to control both music and lighting, including colour change, together.

Skin care & massaging tools

A sauna ritual has always been closely linked with skincare. Sauna softens the skin and opens the pores, making them more accessible for nourishing products. While sauna honey is best applied during the sauna session, shower gels and body creams are used afterwards. Massage your muscles relaxed by the sauna heat with hot stones or gloves.

Whisking with birch sticks is a famous Finnish ritual to improve blood circulation. Wetted with water, our whisks can be used repeatedly.


Sauna textiles

Sauna textiles must meet special requirements for use in sauna - they must be absorbent and quick-drying and withstand high temperatures. Kilts, seat cushions, and towels prevent sweat from soaking into benches. Bathrobes protect your body against getting chilled after your sauna session. With a sauna hat, which protects your hair from intense heat, or sauna gloves, you can make your sauna sessions much longer.


Smells can evoke strong emotional reactions. The sauna heat makes scents much more pronounced, and aromatic essences have health effects. Our Finnish and German suppliers offer proven aromas specially prepared for saunas.

Most aromas are concentrated essences and may not be poured on the stove undiluted.


Salts & related products

Our Himalayan salt is purely crystalline, naturally enriched with minerals and trace elements, making it best for saunas. It is easily absorbed by the skin and mucous membranes and does not contain chemical additives.

A salt spray generator is the most efficient way to transfer salt to your respiratory system. The salt spray generator is made for use at high temperatures and creates microparticles that penetrate deep into the alveoli.

Sauna cleaning products


Special wood surface cleaners, impregnating paraffin oil for sauna wood and cleaning tools - these are the essentials to help you keep your sauna clean and durable. 

Sauna waxes increase the durability of the wood and help unify the wood's colour if darker stains appear behind the stove and on the ceiling.

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