This outdoor sauna was built near Beroun within one of the latest realizations this autumn. The sauna house is beautiful mainly due to its simplicity.


Based on the customer's requirements, we prepared a study and subsequently an implementation project.
The sauna features glazing with a frame system with smoked glass (in this case, standard 8mm STG bronze glass for the door only).


Cariitti linear set is also an ideal solution in this freezing house environment.


This newly built sauna represents an interesting project and practical use of glazing for a comfortable stay in connection with the surroundings, where they now have a sauna even in bad weather.


The sauna provides sufficient open part to ensure a magnificent view of the nearby beautiful forests.


The HARVIA (Cilindro E 90 380V) column heater ensures a "gentle" sauna session thanks to a large number of stones - the stove contains up to 100Kg of stones.


The comfort of use is further enhanced by the concealed MP3 sauna player with USB and HARVIA speakers located in the sauna.


Description and dimensions


A custom built private sauna with a glass wall


2,200 x 2,000 mm


  •   sauna benches – Abachi
  • sauna wall moulding – thermally modified aspen, 125mm


Harvia Cilindro PCE90 Finnish sauna heater with an output of 9 kW


Sauna lighting:
Cariitti linear set, placed behind the backrests and underneath the bench