We know our product perfectly; no one else knows it that well. It is thanks to our Finnish partner, Harvia, who is in the very heart of the cradle of the sauna culture. Since Harvia is the leader in the field, we are sure that we have a perfect product we can rely on. We strive to be the best in the market at what we do, and we are successful. We can deliver the atmosphere of sauna culture, as well as the actual sauna, from Finland better than our competitors. The sauna culture is time-honoured; it is an inseparable part of the Finnish culture, and we are glad that we can be a part of it and create something meaningful in the Czech Republic.


We know how to do things (be it a product, service or maintenance) best, and we are proud of it. Still, we strive to improve. We want to learn and become better. We are happy to learn what we cannot do. We try to do things better and streamline processes. Thanks to cooperation with experts and professionals in their fields, we are continuously improving.


Our mission

Our mission is to supply quality solutions for every individual customer, convince the customer of the correctness of the chosen solution, and spread the Nordic sauna culture.


Our goals
  • Sustainable position in the market; we want to still be a stable company in 20 years
  • Satisfied and well-functioning team
  • Services and support of the utmost quality
  • Fastest and expert solutions for customers' needs; we are equal partners with our customers


We do our work with love. Saunas are our joy.