Our Projects – Bespoke Finnish Saunas

Luxurious Finnish sauna in Prague

We have built this very extravagant sauna with large glazed areas, gradually transiting into the wooden part of the sauna, to a special request of our customer from Prague.

Private sauna in Karlovy Vary

We have built this luxury Harvia Infinity sauna for our customer in Karlovy Vary. Harvia Infinity is a stylish sauna that you will not find anywhere else in Europe outside Finland.

Custom built Finnish sauna with Ventura inerior

We built this beautiful Finnish sauna with an all-glass front wall and a luxurious Ventura interior made of bent wood for a newly built villa in Brno.


Finnish Sauna

 An unusual Finnish sauna featuring large-format panels and ergonomic Cariitti Taive interior.

Luxurious Finnish sauna with all-glass front wall

We were pleased to implement this magnificent Finnish sauna made of dark materials and with front glazing in the newly designed apartment in the centre of Brno.

Finnish sauna - Blue Lagoon

A corner sauna with a soothing blue backlight, like in a tropical underwater lagoon.

Private sauna in Bobrava

A custom built sauna with all-glass walls.

Finnish sauna in Hodonín

A cosy sauna with contrastive seats and clever arrangement of the space for legs.

Private sauna in Komín

A glazed sauna with an all-glass wall.

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