How to choose wood for your sauna

Extreme temperature differences, humidity, sweat – such a combination requires a very durable material.  With its growth rings closer together due to the harsh Northern conditions, Nordic wood is ideal for the purpose – it is more stable, warps less, and absorbs less moisture. Species like spruce or harder aspen will make your sauna look brighter.


The durability of wood can be further increased by thermal modification. This "smoked" thermally modified wood, completely changed ecologically by heat and water vapour, is exceptionally durable against moist and undesirable changes. 


Abachi, also known as African whitewood, is very popular for benches – this light wood is softer but cooler thanks to its worse heat transfer.




We supply wood from

Nordic spruce

Nordic spruce, or Finnish spruce in this case, is the most commonly used material for wall mouldings, suitable for both Finnish saunas and infrared saunas. It is very popular for its low price and good performance. Spruce wood excretes little resin. Thanks to it, it keeps its light colour for many years. Norway spruce is characterised by a structure with knots and resin pockets, which give a sauna the typical smell of wood.

Brushed Norway spruce

With its good performance and price, Norway spruce is the most commonly used material for sauna floorboards. Brushing its softer parts enhances the wood grain, making brushed spruce visually more interesting than normal Norway spruce. You can easily give your sauna a rustic character.

Brushed thermally modified spruce

Thermal modification enhances the wood scent and makes the wood even more durable. Thermally modified spruce can also be brushed. Brushing the softer parts makes the wood grain emerge, giving the sauna a rustic character.
Thermal modification improves durability and other physical and mechanical properties. The process also darkens the wood by three to six shades, which makes its maintenance easier. Thermally modified wood undergoes a fully eco-friendly process combining heat and steam.

Common aspen

Common aspen is a traditional material with excellent performance for use in saunas. It gives your sauna a fresh touch. Aspen is a light-coloured wood with a nice glow and neat light lines without knots or resin pockets. Lending your sauna a luxurious look, aspen is less prone to oxidising and yellowing than Finnish spruce. Your sauna will be beautiful for long years.

Thermally modified common aspen

The thermal modification treatment makes common aspen significantly darker. But more importantly, it improves the wood properties, creating its thermally modified version known as "Thermowood". The thermal wood treatment only uses heat and steam so the whole process is entirely ecological.


Dark alder wood is typical for its reddish colour and durability. This wood has lovely, almost invisible grain. Floorboards have a beautiful pinkish shade, which is more pronounced with age. The wood is free of knots and with only minimum visible growth rings. Its smooth and knot-less character makes it perfect for maintenance.


The cedar sauna deck is made of first-class wood ("A" quality). This rather fragile wood is very diverse in colour, which makes it perfect for modern, more extravagant saunas. It is popular for its natural appearance, low weight, aroma, longevity and low maintenance.

Brushed thermally modified dark alder

Dark alder wood is typical for its reddish colour. Thermal modification enhances the colour saturation and makes the wood more durable.
 Thermal modification improves durability and other physical and mechanical properties. The process also darkens the wood by three to six shades, making its maintenance more manageable. The wood is thermally modified by a combination of heat and steam. The entire production process is environmentally friendly.

Brushed knotty alder

Alder is characteristic for its durability. It further hardens in a wet environment, perfectly resisting moisture and preserving its shape. The wood has a fine grain. Floorboards have a beautiful pinkish shade, which is more pronounced with age. The wood is entirely free of knots and has minimum visible growth rings. It is easy to maintain. The fine grain of brushed alder is beautifully enhanced, making it look more attractive than traditional oak. Brushing the softer parts enhances the wood texture, which can easily give your sauna a rustic character.


Abachi, or African whitewood, is the only exception among the Northern materials in our offer. This wood is softer, thin and very light. Its properties resemble those of balsa wood used in aircraft modelling. Abachi is pleasant to sit on when having a sauna and is not hot, even on bare skin, thanks to its low thermal conductivity. Like any African wood, abachi has no growth rings but beautiful hairline grain.


Alder is a perfect wood for benches. It is characterised by fine grain, a reddish colour that enhances with time, and, most importantly, its durability. It further hardens in a wet environment, perfectly resists moisture and preserves its shape. The wood is also completely free of knots and with only a minimum of visible growth rings. Alder is very easy to maintain.

Thermally modified aspen

Bench boards of thermally modified common aspen are extremely durable and have no knots. The wood is thoroughly polished and without any impurities. Boards are delivered with perfectly rounded edges.
 Wooden benches are the most stressed part of a sauna – they are in constant contact with harmful agents such as bacteria or sweat. It is therefore convenient to always choose the finest of materials, such as aspen wood.

Common aspen

Common aspen is a light-coloured wood with a distinct sheen and no knots or resin pockets. It is also highly resistant to oxidising and yellowing. Bench boards made of common aspen have a beautifully clean look, which makes them
especially suitable for more luxurious saunas.
 Bench boards come perfectly polished, without any impurities and with neatly rounded edges.

Thermally modified Radiata pine

Bench boards made of pine are characterised by a slightly red tinge and a strong woody scent, fading over time. In the following years, the wood will darken and create a beautiful contrast with the interior. This wood is thermally modified. Termowood is thermally modified wood, which keeps its shape for many years (up to 30 years).

Bent veneer

A Ferrari among sauna benches – a luxurious design for outstanding saunas. Panels of exotic Fuma wood (with properties similar to abachi but with pinkish colour) are pressure formed into ergonomic shapes. Individual parts provide a sauna with a soothing regular rhythm. 

Glass doors

A frameless glass door makes the space look bigger and let more light into your sauna. Thanks to it, you can keep an eye on your children more easily. It is also a good and resilient alternative for a door between the bathroom and the changing room. The doors in our offer will be beautiful and practically maintenance-free for many years.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors are the right choice for all who love traditional Finnish saunas and want an all wood sauna. A basic door is made of pine and can come as both left-handed and right-handed. Still, you can see from the sauna – there is a narrow window glassed in with tempered 8mm safety glass.

Bespoken all-glass walls

Glass walls, front or side, will turn each sauna into a modern gem. It tempts you to have a sauna, and you can see the entire relax room when doing so. The more considerable heat loss can be solved by oversizing the heater.

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