This sauna with a hexagonal or octagonal floor plan is popular above the Arctic Circle. It includes a rest area where you can hide from bad weather.


The customer prepared a base plate of cast concrete in advance, in the middle of which he led the cables to 380V. Thanks to the external regulation of the sauna, the Harvia Club electric heater will heat up even in winter within 50 minutes and additionally will heat up the relax room. The control room takes up one-third of the space, while two-thirds remain for a spacious relax room with a grill, including an adjustable hood, chimney and wooden tables.


The benches and walls are made of Nordic pine, which the customer stained after the first sessions. The outer walls are also made of Nordic pine with a thickness of 45 mm. The ceiling is insulated, including a vapour barrier.The outer door of the sauna is fitted with a double glazed window and a practical lock; the inner door from the sauna to the relax room is glazed, with a roller latch.

The construction of the sauna itself took two working days.

In addition to an electric heater (we recommend Harvia Legend), wood-burning heaters, such as Harvia Linear 16, are also suitable for heating the sauna.