Infrared sauna with all-glass front wall and luxurious Nextrema heaters


We have built this beautiful infrared cabin with an all-glass front wall for our customer in Brno - Černovice.


The cabin walls are made of brushed alder in a thermowood finish; the benches are made of special thermally modified pine in SCALA design. HERE you can read more about the thermowood finish.


In this cabin, the body is heated by luxurious waterproof Nextrema Dark heaters with outputs of 350W and 500W and with Schott upper cover glass. The ergonomic lime wood backrest prevents skin contact with the radiator and provides comfortable support and relaxation to the back muscles. No ergonomics was needed on the side heaters, so we used Prestige backrests.


 A set of 16 optical fibres with a Cariitti VPL10L-E161 projector provide a soft illumination from above. The projector and the infrared heaters are controlled from a touch display of the smart house system, which the client had already had before. The overall impression is completed with the Premium door handle combining metal with common aspen wood.