This infrared sauna is in Hluboká nad Vltavou.


The interesting thing about this beautiful project is that the customer needed a sauna as soon as possible. The entire custom-built sauna order only took incredible 6 days from the customer's demand to the construction of the sauna.


The sauna moulding is made of Finnish spruce; the benches are made of African whitewood - Abachi.


The cabin is fitted with five Philips Vitae heaters - 3 heaters with an output of 350W and 2 with an output of 500W. 


The infrared cabin is controlled using a Harvia Griffin Infra external control osvětlení; lighting is ensured by the heaters.



The new owner of this record-breakingly fast implementation was satisfied - here is an excerpt from what the customer said:

The sauna has met my expectations. The entire process was fast and correct, so I have no reservations. I really needed the sauna fast. The total price was higher than I hoped but the technology and performed works are of good quality.