With our help, our customer from the Břeclav region has built this modern atypical infrared sauna with an all-glass front wall in their home boys' relaxation zone. We prepared a custom-built sauna design for the customer and versions of materials. The customer built the sauna himself; it costs energy and time, requires proper tools, but brings the satisfaction of a project built with one's own hands.


After constructing walls made of beams, running the SIHF wiring and a more demanding installation of 16 optical fibres in a set by Cariitti into the slanted space below the roof, it was necessary to insulate the walls with ALU foil, cover the joints with ALU tape, and lay the sauna boards made of Canadian cedar wood. The benches are made of African whitewood - Abachi. The excess heat is ventilated through a ventilation slit.

Six Philips Vitae heaters with an individual of 350W each ensure thermal comfort. Three heaters are in the standard position and two are under the bench to warm up legs. One extra heater has been added to the slanted ceiling.


The sauna is controlled using Harvia Griffin Infra external regulation. An IceSound IN-WALL Bluetooth music player, small enough to fit into a standard light switch, creates the proper mood and relaxation. Music is played from a pair of Harvia DL8ES stylish stainless steel sauna speakers.


Discreet ceiling light is completed wth a sauna lamp placed in Harvia Classic corner shade. Suana accessories, namely a darker headrest, a sauna pillow cedar-wood hourglass with white sand and cedar-wood thermometer and hygrometer improve the comfort and give the final touches to the sauna.