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Radiant standard infrared saunas for one or two persons can be installed in any dry surrounding (such as a bedroom). It is ready in an incredibly short time – just 10 minutes are enough. It uses carbon radiators, which produce the most evenly distributed radiation and are therefore most suitable for saunas. They are also advantageous for their long service life reaching up to 90 years of regular operation.


The saunas feature a modern design with a glazed front. Radiant sauna is for a reasonable price while meeting the quality typical for Harvia, its Finnish manufacturer. Lights are controlled from the control panel. The model also comes with a radio or a CD player.


The benches are easily removable, which makes cleaning a lot easier. Interiors of Radiant infrared saunas are made of hemlock wood, with outer panels of dark walnut veneer.  

We offer 2 types of Harvia Radiant infrared saunas

Radiant infrared sauna for one person:

Dimensions: 900 x 900 x 1,910 mm

Number of infrared heaters: 4

Number of seats: 1

Weight: 82 kg

Total output of the infrared heaters: 1,340 Watt

Radiant infrared sauna for two persons:

Dimensions: 1,200 x 1,050 x 1,910 mm

Number of infrared heaters: 5

Number of seats: 2

Weight: 117 kg

Total output of the infrared heaters: 1,820 Watt