Would you like to buy a home sauna but you do not have much space - but for the last remaining space in your bathroom in the place of your former washing machine? You can have a sauna there, too, specifically a smaller infrared sauna Harvia Radiant.  


This was precisely the project solved by our customer from Šamorín in Slovakia. Now she can already have a sauna. A space of 90x90 cm and a standard plug were sufficient. 

The Harvia Radiant infrared sauna is made of Hemlock wood - a pine-like, light-coloured wood with a pleasant grain. The outer panels are made of dark walnut veneer. 


Thanks to four heaters, the sauna heats up in five minutes, it is maintenance-fee, and, most importantly, safe and harmless to health -a proven long-term quality by the Finnish company Harvia.