This truly original and bold project of a floating sauna was designed by skilled architects from H3T Architekti.


We were happy to contribute to the construction of this unique sauna, which was created as part of the Central European project Culburb - Cultural Acupuncture Treatment for Suburbs, with material for its construction.


The sauna is actually a separate island on the barrels. The baseplate is also a rest and take-off area for the "cooling room", consisting of the entire water space around the sauna.


The Finnish spruce STP 15x90mm profile chosen for the sweat room moulding produces a distinctive scent, typical of the original Finnish saunas, thanks to the resin pockets in the wood.


The sauna is heated quickly enough by the Harvia M3 wood-burning heater, while the WHP1500 chimney set connected to the heater from above takes care of the exhaust from the sauna. While the sauna will rock you, you can enjoy the view of the waves and countryside through the large Harvia window or the security door .


For more information about the floating sauna, please visit the studio's website: