Five Reasons to Take a Sauna in Summer



As much as we look forward to summer in winter so as to finally warm up again, we also long to hide away from the merciless and tiresome dog days in summer – be it by jumping head first into a barrel filled with ice. But stopping taking a sauna in summer would be a mistake.


"The merciless sun is so scorching that it's unbearable… Why should I have a hot sauna?"


Because otherwise we lose the exclusive benefits that a sauna brings us. Let us go through five of them.


Felt tolerance to temperature differences


A building, a tree, or anything that casts a shadow becomes sacred. The sweltering heat makes us weary; we have little energy, and many people do not feel like doing anything in a hot summer. Since taking a sauna helps your body withstand heat better, you will feel fresher and will not lose so much energy.



Vitality and immunity


Regular regeneration of your movement systems has positive effects on your vitality.  In summer, movement will be much easier for you. Your muscles will be more relaxed, and climbing upstairs will feel way easier. You will also adapt better to air-conditioned spaces, which might help you prevent summer tonsilitis, for example. Thanks to being relaxed after a sauna, you will fall asleep more easily, which is liberating for many people, particularly in the stifling summer weather.



Skin more resistant to outer influences and less sweating


In recent years, the summer heat waves have been particularly exhausting. Díky tomu, že vaše tělo bude díky sauně navyklé na velké změny teplot, your body will adapt better and will not react with great sensitivity. Skin regenerates faster thanks to regular sauna sessions; it becomes more hydrated, firmer, and more resilient to sun-burning.


Maybe you think that the weather is hot enough and you are sweating so much that you can water your garden by merely walking through it, so it seems pointless to take a sauna to sweat even more. Quite the contrary. If you take a sauna regularly in summer, your body will automatically improve the temperature regulation, so you will not sweat excessively.


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Encourage the right hormones


Sauna helps you promote health and preserve your beauty thanks to the growth hormone. This hormone is present in your body in much greater amounts if you encourage its production by exercising or in a sauna, for example. Of course, it can be supplemented in the body through synthetic food supplements, like bodybuilders do, for example. Thinking about healthy methods, however, taking a sauna is one of the most effective ways to encourage the natural production of this beneficial hormone that is responsible for cellular regeneration and muscle development. Thanks to this hormone, you feel and look younger.


Noradrenaline and prolactin are other hormones that are present in several times higher amounts thanks to a sauna. These hormones are responsible for attention, concentration, and faster brain functions.


Endorphin, also known as the happiness hormone, makes us feel more relaxed, improves our mood, and suppresses pain. Thanks to it, we feel less stressed. During a sauna session, this hormone is released into your body, allowing you to forget about your everyday worries.


The positive effect of the sauna on these hormones cannot be ignored. This benefit a sauna brings you is really enormous, making it worth to continue taking a sauna in summer.



Regularity yields results


If you do sports, for example, you know that skipping training for a longer time leads to underperforming. Sauna is no different. Ninety-nine per cent of the Finnish population takes a suana regularly. It may be one of the reasons why they generally live longer than the Czechs. Remember that sauna strengthens the heart, a muscle that needs training like any other muscle. Taking a sauna in summer so as not to break the regularity is crucial for maintaining the advantages that a sauna brings to our bodies all year round. Take saunas in summer, too, you will feel better!


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