Expert Recommends: How To Choose The Right Home Sauna?

Our expert Zdeněk Kolář explains the differences between the individual sauna types and recommends how to choose a sauna that will meet your expectations.

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Building A Home Sauna: What Should You Be Prepared For?

In this article, you will learn how you should prepare before building your home sauna so that the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

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A Home Sauna: Yes or No?

Are you considering buying a home sauna? Learn more about its advantages, things to contemplate or which sauna you should choose.

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The Pros of Infrared Saunas: How They Differ from Finnish or Steam Saunas

Finnish saunas are hot, while steam saunas have high humidity levels. Infrared saunas use another principle: the radiation directly penetrates your skin, muscles, and joints.

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Five Reasons to Take a Sauna in Summer

As much as we look forward to summer in winter so as to finally warm up again, we also long to hide away from the merciless and tiresome dog days in summer – be it by jumping head first into a barrel…

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Which Accessories Should Not Be Missing In Your Sauna?

Make your sauna sessions more pleasant with sauna accessories that will ensure your utmost comfort. Which hacks should not escape your attention?

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Maintaining A Home Sauna: How Often Should You Clean It And What To Use?

Depending on the wood, care about a sauna usually entails cleaning the cubicle with a cleaner for use on wood once a month and treating it with paraffin once every three months.

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The Best Wood For A Sauna? Choose Nordic Wood

A guide for the selection of suitable wood for your sauna. Which wood requires more care? When should you choose thermally modified wood? What is abachi? Learn this and more interesting facts in this…

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All About A Sauna: When, How Often, And What To Be Careful About

Learn about the basic rules of taking a sauna properly. What should you drik and eat? What should you do in the sauna and after the sauna session?

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What You Should Know About A Sauna

There's no doubt about the therapeutic and relaxing effects of a sauna. A hot-air bath was probably known to primitive humans as early as the Neolithic period.

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What Is A Sauna?

Sauna' is a Finnish word denoting a heated small building or room used as a warming room. The interior of a sauna is well insulated from the surroundings. Its wooden moulding has a positive effect on…

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