The customer chose to build a DIY infrared cabin in a spare attic niche in the bathroom corner. He did not have to supply a three-phase power supply to the bathroom since a standard 220C socket is sufficient foeŕ an infrared cabin.


We prepared for the customer material options for the construction, including the cabin layout with an ideal arrangement of the heaters - five Harvia Comfort heaters were used above the seat made of abachi, the two remaining heaters were placed horizontally underneath the seats so that the heaters warm up legs when there are more people in the sauna.


The sauna walls are moulded with new sharp common aspen STS profiles; for the ceiling, we have designed a set of colour-changing optical fibres with a projector by Cariiti. The entire system is controlled by a Harvia Griffin Infra external regulation, completed by the customer with a radio.