We have built this combination of a Finnish sauna and infrared technology in a spare niche at the customer's request.


The customer required the lightest possible sauna. Therefore, we used light common aspen for wall moulding and ceiling and African Abachi - an exotic wood that conducts less heat- for benches and backrests. 


The Finnish Harvia Cilindro heater with an output of 9 kW allows frequent watering; it is built into the bench thanks to a protective stainless steel edge that protects the wood. It is controlled by Harvia Xenio regulation.


The combination with a hot Finnish sauna requires durable infrared technology. Therefore, we installed Sentiotec Nextrema infrared heaters, with an output of 350 W behind the back and a stronger one with an output of 750 W on the opposite wall.


These heaters are controlled by the internal control panel of the Sentiotec Infrabox set, which also enables changing the radiation intensity.


The impression of lightness and purity is amplified by LED strips placed on the edges of the benches, enabling changing colours using the included remote control.