This small sauna proves that one can make a Finnish sauna even with minimal space and that you can have your private wellness even in a pre-fabricated building.

In this case, we used an unused chamber measuring 80x160 cm and built a small sauna oasis into it - a custom built sauna fitted with luxurious accessories such as the Northern Lights, and a combined sauna heater, thanks to which the customer can enjoy the benefits of both dry and steam sauna. 


We chose satin semi-transparent glass for the Harvia sauna door to give the sauna some privacy. 


The heart of the sauna is the combined Harvia Delta combi heater with 10 kg of sauna stones, whose temperature, humidity, and lighting are controlled by an external Harvia Griffin combi control next to the door. A 230V supply is sufficient for smaller saunas, so there was no need to make an outlet for 380V / 3 phases in the sauna area.

Moulding made of knotless aspen with a finer profile of 15x68 turned out to be the ideal choice. Thanks to it, the sauna looks optically larger and lighter.

In addition to the sophisticated Northern Lights system by the Finnish company Cariitti, the stylish sauna lighting also includes Cariitti Torch lighting terminals, into which fibres with infinite durability, also by Cariitti, are supplied.