Bespoke Finnish saunas

The scent of wood, temperatures over 100°C, and sheer luxury all around. You will love a Finnish sauna designed by us.

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Outdoor Saunas

Experience the luxury of an outdoor sauna made of exotic wood, Norway spruce or warm thermally modified pine. 

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Steam Saunas

An experience of baths in ancient Rome. Enjoy this divine sauna.

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Combined Saunas

A combination of more types of sauna according to your wishes.

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Bespoke Infrared Saunas

Solid infrared saunas made of solid wood and glass. Ideal for rehabilitation or regeneration of the body.

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Bespoke Wellness Facility

Adventure showers, ice fountains, or sunsky solariums...If a sauna is not enough, we can build you an entire wellness facility.

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