About Us And Our Business Partners

We are a steadily growing Czech company with thirteen years of existence.
We are the only authorised supplier of Harvia, a world-class Finnish technology, and an authorised supplier of Cariitti, Ha Serv, and Rento.

We have created a distribution network through our business partners.
Our goal is to offer our customers high-end sauna-related products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with an added value, namely high-level technical support and services. Therefore, we provide warranty and post-warranty service and repairs, training, and consultancy for products by Harvia and Cariitti.


We run the biggest service and warehouse centre in the Czech Republic, having 95% of products and wood in stock. Relying on the 70-year experience of our partner Harvia, we have been building standard and custom saunas, infrared saunas, and steam cabins since 2008.


Visit our specialized showrooms in Prague, Brno, and České Budějovice and explore our saunas and technologies.

We are a member of

The Association of E-commerce (APEK, in Czech: Asociace pro elektronickou komerci) is an association of 317 companies, entrepreneurs, and experts from the field of e-commerce. The association was founded in 1998 as an independent organisation supporting the development of e-commerce in the Czech Republic. The members of APEK are, among others, the biggest Czech online stores, leading software companies, and financial institutions.

The Association of (ABAS ČR, in Czech: Asociace bazénů a saun České republiky) associates the operators of swimming pools, saunas, wellness centres, and other regeneration facilities.  ABAS ČR professionally covers companies that design, build or furnish such operations or provide service for them.

The Association aims to develop the field. Its continuous activities include staff training and education of people from the field and consultancy, including preparation of expert opinions. ABAS ČR participates in drafting and amending field legislation and cooperates with public administration bodies. The Association is a member of the International Sauna Society (ISS, in Czech: Mezinárodní asociace saun) and actively cooperates with the Czech Wellness Association.

Our business partners

Harvia Oy

The company helps the overloaded people of these days relax. Harvia saunas offer an opportunity for natural relaxation based on the tradition of Finnish sauna in the hectic life. The combination of natural materials - wood, lava stones, and water - used in the accessories of Harvia saunas enables a true mental and physical relaxation.  

Popular Harvia models have been designed for everyday use. Each sauna heater represents the highest technical quality. Not only are the sauna heaters economical and convenient for everyday use, but they also bring a touch of stylish design to your sauna together with an authentic experience of a refreshing sauna. The broad offer of products will satisfy both private users and commercial sauna operators. If you seek easy control of your sauna heater, Harvia sauna heater control units are the right solution. Find out more about the company at www.harvia.fi.

Harvia saunas have been on the global market for more than 70 years. Harvia developed a broad range of products to suit the needs of various sauna types. The company was founded in 1950 Tapani Harvia, the great-grandfather of today's Director. He expanded his project for decades, turning a small art workshop into a global leader in manufacturing sauna heaters. Harvia has remained a Finnish family business, which currently employs more than 300 people.


Sentiotec GmbH is an Austrian company supplying sauna and wellness products for both homes and commercial sectors. Its product portfolio includes sauna heaters, sauna controls, thermometers and hygrometers, aroma concentrates, buckets and ladles, hourglasses, sauna doors, lighting, backrests and headrests, sauna stones, sauna fresheners, fragrances, sauna peelings, menthol crystals, and other accessories. It also includes products for infrared saunas, such as infrared sauna controls, infrared heaters and accessories, evaporators and steam bath essences, essential oils, colour LED lighting, sauna speakers and others.

The company's headquarters is in Regau, Austria. Sentiotec GmbH has been a subsidiary of Harvia Group Oy since 18 November 2016. 

Cariitti Oy

Cariitti Oy is a renowned family company situated in Finland. It specializes in developing and manufacturing optical effect lights and colour LED lights for saunas and bathrooms. Cariitti Oy is a pioneer in colour effect illumination.

All activities of Cariitti are based on innovations with a strong emphasis on the user's requirements. The light effects will satisfy even the most demanding users. Cariitti is famous for the high quality of its products and extensive know-how.  The company has won many international awards for excellence and quality.

Ha serv

Ha Serv belongs to the biggest global producers of thermally modified wood. The company specializes in processing wood for saunas. 

Respect for wood as a magnificent natural material reflects in the precise and quality processing of each product. The most frequent products include sauna floorboards made of alder and common aspen, including the state-of-the-art thermally modified and brushed wood. Other popular products include bench modules for easy sauna furnishing, loungers, and other small wooden accessories.


Imported spruce wood comes from Mäntsäla, the province of Southern Finland near the capital city of Helsinki. Finnish spruce is used for beautiful sauna mouldings. It is characterised by a knotted structure with resin pockets, which give a sauna the typical wood scent. Each end product attests to the professional and responsible approach to such a traditional material as wood.


This Finnish company manufactures unique sauna accessories that will turn any sauna session into an unforgettable experience. Quality products inspired by nature range from sauna buckets through sauna stones, whisks and brushes to a wide assortment of skincare. You can choose anything from shower gels, massaging oils, candles, peelings, honey creams, and soaps. Another popular product is sauna fragrances, which complete the perfect atmosphere for relaxing both body and mind.


Vossen is an Austrian manufacturer of quality terry towels, bathrobes, and other textile accessories. As early as 1925, the founder of Vossen came up with the idea of turning terry from a luxurious material for the rich into an affordable product for everyone while maintaining its high quality. 

We use the
Vision ERP
information system.

Horavia s.r.o. employs the VISION ERP information system.

The VISION ERP economic information system by Vision software s.r.o. is engaged in the creation and implementation of economic and manufacturing execution systems, supplies of computing technologies (high-performance network servers, working and graphic stations, hardware components and peripheries, and networks) and implementations of integrated solutions. The company's roots date back to 1992. Over the 30 years in the Czech market, the company has managed to build an extensive clientele of several hundreds of clients, mainly thanks to its quality products. As a result, it is safe to say that today, Vision software s.r.o. belongs to important suppliers of information systems within the segment of mid-size and large companies.


Quality management is certified under ISO 9001:2008 standards; all workers of the company know the quality policy and apply it in practice.