A Home Sauna: Yes or No?





Today, you can go to a public sauna in nearly every town. They are in various wellness centres and gyms, hotels, and at swimming pools. If you go to a sauna regularly, though, you might be contemplating building a sauna at home. What are the advantages of a home sauna compared to commercial saunas? What requires consideration before you buy a sauna? And which sauna should you choose?  




A home sauna. Yes or no?

Taking a sauna is beneficial for our health. It has positive effects on our immunity, reduces stress, and encourages sound sleep or weight loss. It is no wonder, then, that one would like to enjoy relaxation in the comfort of their own home. It maybe already happened to you – you want to have a good relaxation, but you do not feel like going anywhere. Or you want to go to a sauna, but you did not manage to make a reservation, and the sauna is occupied. 


With a home sauna, these issues will go away. When getting yourself a home sauna, however, you need to take into account the initial investment. The actual operation of a sauna is not so financially challenging compared to going to a commercial sauna regularly, yet the operation costs depend on the type and size of the sauna. So when purchasing a sauna, you should ask yourself other questions, such as: Where will I place the sauna? What type of sauna suits my needs best?

Treat yourself to comfort.

A home sauna has several advantages. The main plus undoubtedly is that you can take it any time you want. Modern saunas come with smart control units that can be controlled remotely, for example, using your smartphone. A Finnish sauna with an electric sauna heater can heat up to the required temperature before you come home from shopping or work.


With wood-burning sauna heaters, which require manual lighting, you need to take into account the time needed to heat up the sauna.

Cleanliness in the first place.

Although commercial saunas ensure compliance with strict sanitary conditions, you might be one of those people who prefer being in control. With a home sauna, not only do you know who used the sauna before you, but you can also ensure a meticulous cleaning of all spaces by yourself. That way, you will be sure that all is cleaned properly. You can also feel free to put aside the towel that must be worn in public saunas for health and sanitary reasons.

Privacy is more than anything.

In a home sauna, you do not need to be afraid of anyone disturbing you. You can enjoy the well-deserved relaxation by yourself or invite your family or friends. Depending on how much space you can set aside for your oasis of calm, you can purchase either a 1-person sauna or a sauna for more people. Just plan to have a minimum of about 70 cm per person.


Our offer includes a 2-person sauna, as well as a Nordic sauna for three to four persons with dimensions of 180 x 150 cm, for example. However, we will gladly customise a Finnish sauna to your needs. 

A Finnish, steam or infrared sauna?

The bigger the sauna you build, the more comfortable it will be. However, heating up a bigger sauna consumes more energy. Before you purchase a sauna, check the power grid limits in your household. Apart from an electric sauna heater, a Finnish sauna can also be heated up using a wood-burning sauna stove. 


While the temperatures in dry or Finnish saunas reach about 65 to 110 ºC, the temperatures in infrared saunas and steam saunas are much lower. So if you do not handle high temperatures well, you will particularly appreciate these types of saunas. For your home, choose a sauna type that serves your needs best.

Inside your house or in the garden?

You can build an outdoor sauna, in which you can relax while overlooking the countryside, or an indoor sauna. Compared to outdoor saunas, indoor saunas are easier to maintain as they do not face adverse weather conditions all year round. Vyhnete se také řešení dealing with more complex insulation. 


For interiors, you can purchase a sauna made of luxury woods or glass. Péče o ně není nijak náročná. Favourite places for an indoor sauna include bedrooms, living rooms, separate wellness rooms or bathrooms – a perfect place for a HARVIA bathroom sauna cubicle, which can also be used as a shower stall thanks to its waterproof walls. 

Sauna sessions to your liking.

Do you enjoy taking a sauna at higher temperatures, or do you not handle them well? Do you like listening to music in the sauna, or do you prefer peaceful silence? In your own sauna, you can adapt the length, intensity and generally the entire sauna process to your needs. You can equip your oasis of relaxation with various hacks, such as wooden accessories, sauna sound systems, thermometers and hygrometers, as well as massage stones and sauna textiles.   


Public saunas offer various spa rituals. But you can make your stay in the home sauna more pleasant, too. For example, by aromatherapy – simply put aromatic essence into the diffusor or evaporator. Besides its beautiful smell, you will also appreciate its positive effects on your health. 

Are you tempted to buy a home sauna, but you are not sure which sauna is right for you? Contact us – we are happy to advise you. 

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