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Bespoke Finnish saunas
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Bespoke Finnish saunas

The scent of wood, temperatures over 100°C, and sheer luxury all around. You will love a Finnish sauna…

Outdoor Saunas
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Outdoor Saunas

Experience the luxury of an outdoor sauna made of exotic wood, Norway spruce or warm thermally modified pine.…

Steam Saunas
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Steam Saunas

An experience of baths in ancient Rome. Enjoy this divine sauna.

Combined Saunas
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Combined Saunas

A combination of more types of sauna according to your wishes.

Bespoke Infrared Saunas
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Bespoke Infrared Saunas

Solid infrared saunas made of solid wood and glass. Ideal for rehabilitation or regeneration of the body.

Bespoke Wellness Facility
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Bespoke Wellness Facility

Adventure showers, ice fountains, or sunsky solariums...If a sauna is not enough, we can build you an entire…

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We are a strategic partner of HARVIA GROUP for the Czech Republic

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Custom built saunas

Luxurious Finnish sauna


Designer Finnish sauna
with all glass front wall.

What customers say

David Ruml


I would like to share with you the first impressions of the newly installed sauna in Klenč. It was commissioned on 20 December and we have been using it regularly since then. Morning, afternoon, evening, depending on how we want and have time.


Thank you for your help and guidance in choosing. The decision to order a sauna from your company was supported by your personal experience in the field and your willing customer approach.


In spite of the fact that we were expecting slight construction modifications, paving, 3-phase cable, everything went smoothly. Praise goes to the team of nice and skilled assembly workers. I was satisfied with them.


I appreciate the willingness and approach of the company's management to the method of financing. The sauna brought us new warmth and the smell of home.


I wish you all the best for the new year and I look forward to meeting you again when choosing accessories.

Emil & Hanka Bartovičovi


Good day,
I would like to thank you for the great attitude of your guys in the sale and installation of the Harvia sauna you are selling. We greatly appreciate the willingness shown and the quality work they did in making our old dream come true. You must be proud of them.


Sauna Solide Compact is a great product, we are already enjoying it and we are excited!


We remain your fans and you have our eternal recommendation!
With thanks and respect.

Jaroslava Hladíková


Have a nice day.
I paid the invoice and thank you once again for a great group of workers who worked really precisely and from morning to evening and were very cooperative. I'm laughing, I haven't seen such workers in a long time.


Perfect work and especially your professional approach.


Thank you again and best regards.

Jitka Burianová


Hello, We had the sauna built in May of this year (Prague - East) and after using it for a while we are extremely satisfied.


Everything works perfectly! Many thanks to Mr. Píšek, who convinced me to choose your company. His patience with changes in the design and our requirements, as well as the selection of suitable accessories and his position as a "phone consultant".


Huge praise for Mr. Sedlák's work team! Despite major problems with the implementation date (due to the weather) and frequent disagreements with Mr. Semkovych, the implementation was carried out perfectly and precisely. The installers were sensitive to our garden and worked completely professionally! Many thanks to both of them, I was very pleased with their approach.


I wish you good luck, great achievements, and success in the coming years!

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Brno Showroom


Heršpická, 11C
639 00, Brno

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Prague Showroom

MODO Department Store

MODO Department Store
V oblouku 800
Prague - Průhonice 252 43
central entrance, 1st floor

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Prague Showroom

Sykora Department Store

Sykora Department Store
Českomoravská 183/27
Praha 9 - Vysočany 190 00

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České Budějovice


U Staré trati 1775/3
České Budějovice 370 11
next to the Hyundai Fisher CZ showroom

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Bratislava Showroom


STYLA Department Store/3
Studená 4B/18496, (Unit 101)
821 04 Bratislava

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Our Vision


We know our product perfectly; no one else knows it that well. It is thanks to our Finnish partner, Harvia, who is in the very heart of the cradle of the sauna culture. Since Harvia is the leader in the field, we are sure that we have a perfect product we can rely on. We strive to be the best in the market at what we do, and we are successful. We can deliver the atmosphere of sauna culture, as well as the actual sauna, from Finland better than our competitors. The sauna culture is time-honoured; it is an inseparable part of the Finnish culture, and we are glad that we can be a part of it and create something meaningful in the Czech Republic.


We know how to do things (be it a product, service or maintenance) best, and we are proud of it. Still, we strive to improve. We want to learn and become better. We are happy to learn what we cannot do. We try to do things better and streamline processes. Thanks to cooperation with experts and professionals in their fields, we are continuously improving.


Our mission

Our mission is to supply quality solutions for every individual customer, convince the customer of the correctness of the chosen solution, and spread the Nordic sauna culture.


Our goals
  • Sustainable position in the market; we want to still be a stable company in 20 years
  • Satisfied and well-functioning team
  • Services and support of the utmost quality
  • Fastest and expert solutions for customers' needs; we are equal partners with our customers


We do our work with love. Saunas are our joy.